Manufacture mechatronic systems at the best cost price

With a System Supplier that excels in mechanical engineering and supply chain management

A positive business case for outsourcing mechatronic manufacturing

Continuous optimization and process control are crucial to producing top-quality mechatronics. With a production plan that’s tailored to your manufacturing challenge, we find the sweet spot between lead time and TCO. A positive outsourcing business case for serial production requires diligent supply chain management — and our highly experienced, multidisciplinary supply chain team guarantees just this.


From the conversion of technical specs to a uniform language for production partners, up to assembly, system integration and FAT — we guarantee quality throughout every step. We do so through the usage of our Assembly Quality System (AQS). With AQS, we record all data digitally, and ensure real-time monitoring and registration of quality during the assembly process — test and implementation procedures included.

Solid supply chain management: the key to success

MTA’s Global Sourcing System is an essential tool for acquiring components at the best possible quality/price ratio. We source series production and single-piece machine parts from a well-balanced international supply chain, and from our own production sites in Romania, India, and the Netherlands.


As within our own organization, collaboration is a key value chain component, in which quality, flexibility, customization and price levels are essential starting points. MTA’s Supply Chain Team has extensive expertise in providing internationalized and uniform instructions throughout the value chain. Add our supply chain management proficiency to our consistent level of quality assurance, and you’ll find that we’re the go-to partner for all your serial mechatronic customization activities.

"MTA supported Vanderlande Industries from the very start"


We consider system supplier MTA to be a professional organization. They are capable of truly serving an OEM by quickly picking up on — and implementing — relocation processes. We were also satisfied with the high-quality performance of the Final Acceptance Tests. MTA proved to have both product knowledge as well as assembly and testing competencies to build serial mechatronic systems that meet our specifications.

Eef van Galen, Sr Sourcing Manager, Vanderlande Industries BV

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Manufacture mechatronic systems at the best cost price

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