System engineering: lower production costs and reduce lead time

With a smart customization team that helps you increase market share

Optimizing existing mechatronic systems

Our system engineering team specializes in the optimization of existing mechatronic machines and systems. Through smart customization, we lower your production costs and reduce your lead time. Our team co-creates modular product structures from which testable units arise, allowing them to be fully integrated into your system configuration.


By doing this, we vastly shorten your processes, enabling business growth as a result. How we do this? With the right system engineering tools, and a multidisciplinary, customer-focused engineering team of project leaders, lead engineers, production engineers, CTO specialists, and mechanical and electrical engineers.

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Smart Customization: increase flexibility and lower costs

Many manufacturers struggle with a demand for customized solutions, short delivery times, and cost reduction — all while producing at a high and consistent quality level. Several OEMs, therefore, switch from ETO to CTO. But what does this transition mean for your company? Our CTO specialist is available to help out by running a thorough analysis.


If required, cost engineering can be part of this analysis, even if the form, fit and function should be maintained. We optimize and improve your current product portfolio to help you increase market share. You can go even further and let us manage the serial production of your mechatronic machines and systems to source mechatronic solutions at the lowest cost.

Lower production costs and reduce lead time through smart customization

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