System development: from complex high-tech challenges to cost-efficient mechatronics

With a development partner that offers unique system development competencies

Serial production of mechatronic systems at the best TCO

Our team of system developers is equipped with unique competencies and extensive knowledge of system development methods. Through expertise in smart system architecture, modular system design and industrialization and production technologies, we convert your high-tech challenges into cost-efficient mechatronic solutions — with a positive business case as the outcome.


Our System Development team is highly experienced in multidisciplinary collaboration through a customer-centric approach. With a team of system architects, mechatronics specialists, lead engineers and industrialization specialists, we develop systems that are modeled for serial production at the best TCO — primed for first time right.

Covering the entire system development life cycle

From R&D to prototyping and from 0-series to serial production of mechatronic machines, at MTA, system development and production are truly complementary. How we achieve this? With a development team utilizing the system engineering V-model — reducing development risks prematurely — and with project managers ensuring efficient coordination during every system development stage.


Through a diligent selection of expert partners, we complement the skill sets needed to help you expand. MTA collaborates intensively with successful international OEMs, innovative and promising startups from the Brainport region, and various technology and knowledge institutes. Our partners understand better than anyone that a fast time-to-market of new systems is crucial — which is exactly what we offer you.

"MTA supports SPG throughout the entire production process.”"


MTA, a System Supplier, takes perfect care of all purchasing, logistics, supply chain and development aspects.

Jurgen Verkuilen, Purchasing Manager, SPG Prints

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Turn complex high-tech challenges into cost-efficient mechatronics

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