MTA: Creating machines together

Collaboration in high-tech mechatronics — at the highest level

The power of co-creation

Our motto “creating machines together” truly represents the character of our company. Because “together” stands for working with our partners and suppliers side by side, together with our employees who take center stage in our day-to-day operations — but most of all, working together with our customers.


This philosophy has brought us where we are today and is the key component in our role as the go-to mechatronic development and production partner.



Our mission doesn’t revolve around us

Our mission is simple: increase the competitive advantage of OEMs. With diligently selected global suppliers, production partners and multidisciplinary teams, we convert high-tech challenges into projects with positive business cases and a fast time-to-market.


This way, we can truly set ourselves apart as a value chain director — which is our grand vision. The way we see it, a chain can only operate as a value chain if it’s based on extensive partnerships and shared goals.


Collaboration will also be the common thread in our new company site at the Maïsdijk in Helmond. This exciting new location provides plenty of room for future growth, enabling us to build a bright future — together.

Our history.
Your viability

The MTA Group was founded in 2002 by Robert Manders and Patrick Geerts. In the years that MTA has been up-and-running, we have maintained and intensified our connections with international strategic suppliers and continuously improved internal processes. The advantage for your organization: a development and production partner with direct access to all required competencies, and demonstrable added value for your business.


Our employees take center stage at MTA and form the company’s most valuable asset. Over the last years, our HR policy has professionalized immensely. Today, our employees are being guided and coached on commitment, dignity and reliability — our core values. We’ve seen this approach develop their full potential as a result; something you’ll notice as a customer.


"MTA supports Houdijk through efficient fabrication and system assembly"


MTA plays an essential role in Houdijk Holland’s production process. By coming up with more efficient designs, ideas on manufacturability, and ways to lower costs, they provide significant added value. Moreover, the MTA team is friendly, committed and armed with a customer-first attitude.

Bart Houdijk, CEO, Houdijk Holland

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